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Cesspools and Septic Tanks in Huntington, NY

Updated Oct 05 2014 05:01 PM EST with 26 listings
Whether you are trying to install a new septic tank or are looking for local septic tank services, and cesspool services on Long Island look below for the appropriate servicemen.
Cesspools and Septic Tanks in Huntington, NY

A & J Antorino Co., Inc.

199 New York Ave. (110 no./25A), Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-673-1107

Alert Cesspool & Sewer Cleaners

Licensed and insured, cesspool and basement pumped
10 Corral Lane, East Northport NY 11731 Tel 631-427-4434

Anton Sewer & Drain

83 Broadway, Greenlawn NY 11740 Tel 631-754-7522

Antorino and Sons Inc. Cesspool & Sewer Builders

609 New York Ave. (110 so./25A), Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-549-4969

Antorino Sewer & Cesspool Service

Commercial and residential service: pumping, chemicals, electric Long Island NY
All Long Island NY Tel 631-673-1086

Antorino Sewer & Drain

"We drain your cesspool not your wallet" Antorino sewer and drain services include chemicals aeration hydro-jetting commercial and residential
All Long Island NY Tel 631-754-7643

Atlantic Sanitary Cesspool & Sewer Service

Septic tanks and systems contractors
Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-427-0780

Crown Sanitary Services, Inc.

609 New York Ave. (110 so./25A), Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-421-1232
Tel: 631-549-4969

E-Z Sewer and Drain

Precast Cesspools and dry wells installed sewer line repairs and connections, swimming pools filled in, bobcat, backhoe and dumptruck for hire, licensed and insured all phases of excavation
176 Oakwood Rd., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-262-8956

Emergency Cesspool & Sewer and Drain Cleaners

Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-0392

Flush King Cesspool Sewer & Drain Cleaners Inc.

206 4th St., East Northport NY 11731 Tel 631-499-4420

Flush-King Cesspool Sewer & Drain Cleaners, Inc.

Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-427-4050

Frank Wissel & Co., Inc.

6 Upper Dr., Huntington Bay NY 11743 Tel 631-271-0666

Groundbreakers Contracting, Inc.

We are interior and exterior flooding specialists, drainage specialists, landscape construction workers, cesspool work, drywells, French drains, grading, demolition, excavation, land clearing, retaining walls, sod, seed, ponds.
81 Derby Ave., Greenlawn NY 11740 Tel 631-757-9600
Fax: 631-757-9607; E-mail: info@groundbreakersli.com
Website: www.groundbreakersli.com

Hubbard Lee Cesspool Service - Northport

Northport NY 11768 Tel 631-757-5975

Hubbard Lee Cesspool Service - Northport

Northport NY 11768 Tel 631-757-1188

Islandwide Cesspool Sewer & Drain

Fast, reliable service, state of the art vehicles.
Commack NY Tel 631-543-3037
Tel: 888-753-7246

Local Cesspool

83 Broadway, Greenlawn NY 11740 Tel 631-757-1144

Quality Cesspool

residential and commercial construction, cesspool Long Island NY installation/replacement pool and lines, pumping, chemical treatment, roto rooter services
Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-368-1022
Tel: 631-897-9005

Ranger Sewer

Tri-state sewer & drain cleaning.
East Northport NY 11731 P.O. Box 1258, Tel 631-368-0901
E-mail: rangersdml@aol.com; Website: rangersewer.com

Ray Scudder's Cesspool Service, Inc.

3 Dressler Rd., Greenlawn NY 11740 Tel 631-754-6632

SOS Cesspool & Drain Service

East Northport NY 11731 Tel 631-499-1599

Suffolk Plumbing & Sewer Rooter Service

Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-425-7800
Website: plumbingsewer.com

Tom Antorino Sewer & Cesspool

COMMERCIAL, RESIDENTIAL. Operated by the "Original Antorino Family" since 1957. Pumping, Chemicals, Electric Rooting.
Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-673-1107

Tom Egan Cesspool Service

Residential, commercial, industrial, prompt free service, free estimates, cesspools & drywells installed, pumping, chemicals, aeration, roto-rooting, TV video inspection for drain lines, expert in locating hard-to-find cesspools Long Island NY
East Northport NY 11731 Fax 631-368-0324
Nassau County: 516-671-6797; Suffolk County: 631-368-9311
Website: tomegancesspoolservice.com

William Gere Cesspool Service

Huntington NY 11743 Huntington, Tel 631-673-7110