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Law Firms & Lawyers: Corporate and Business in Huntington, NY

Updated Oct 05 2014 05:01 PM EST with 24 listings
Corporate law firms and lawyers specializing in a variety of business law services. Many of the listings are law firms but some individual attorneys that handle business legal practice are included.
Law Firms & Lawyers: Corporate and Business in Huntington, NY

Sobel Law Group LLC

Litigation defense law firm serving the insurance industry, national corporations and municipalities in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
464 -suite 100 New York Ave. (110 so./25A), Huntington Village NY 11743 Tel 631-549-4677
Website: www.sobellawgroup.com

Collins, David A.

Commercial transactions, business planning, estate planning, real estate.
227 Main St., Huntington NY 11743 In the Old Town Hall, Tel 631-271-1800
Website: davidcollinslaw.com

Egan & Golden

Long Island NY law firm that handles the following types of legal matters: business and corporate law, litigation, bankruptcy, banking and collection among other legal services
E-mail: egan@egangolden.com; Website: egangolden.com

Farrell Fritz

Dynamic law firm on Long Island, NY represents approximately 75 attorneys offering strong experience in a diverse range of practice areas: corporate and banking law, land use and real estate, tax and litigation and other
E-mail: ffmail@farrellfritz.com; Website: farrellfritz.com

Farrell Fritz

290 Broadhollow Rd., Melville NY 11747 Fax 516-227-0777
Tel: 631-547-8400

Follick & Bessich

Huntington NY based law firm which provides a comprehensive range of services in the practice of customs and international trade, licensing, federal regulatory matters, domestic and international commercial transactions
33 Walt Whitman Rd. Rt. 110 so of Rt 25, Huntington Station NY 11746 Tel 631-549-1938
Fax: 631-549-2189; Website: ustradelawyers.com

Lewis Johs Avallone Aviles

Corporate and business law, real estate, trusts and estates
425 Broadhollow Rd., Melville NY 11747 Tel 631-393-1340
Fax: 631-755-0117; Website: lewisjohs.com

Speyer & Perlberg

Law firm specializing in all aspects of insurance law and commercial litigation
115 Broadhollow Rd., Melville NY 11747 Tel 631-673-6670
Fax: 631-673-7073; E-mail: speyperl@speyerperlberg.com
Website: speyerperlberg.com

Wand, Powers & Lipner

Suffolk County Huntington NY law firm with focus on corporate law, civil litigation, and family law
1776 Jericho Tpk., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-462-3434
Fax: 631-462-3939; E-mail: cfwandlaw@aol.com
Website: lawyers.com

Banking and Finance Law (5 listings total)

Dennin, Timothy

Legal attorney and leading authority on securities law and litigation concerning investors' rights, offices in Northport and Manhattan NY
316 Main St., Northport Village NY 11768 Tel 631-261-0250
Website: denninlaw.com

Komansky, Daniel

Commercial litigation attorney of Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County and New York City providing help in trials and appeals, business disputes, creditors' rights and representation
33 Walt Whitman Rd. Rt. 110 so of Rt 25, Huntington Station NY 11746 Tel 631-549-5600
Fax: 631-549-5690; Website: komanskylaw.com

Rosenblum, Jeffrey

Long Island NY legal services in areas of bankruptcy, debtors' and creditors' rights, federal and local taxation, corporate and business matters, litigation and real estate
Tel 866-637-7300
E-mail: jeffrosenblum@msn.com; Website: jeffreyrosenblum.com

Rosenblum, Jeffrey - Melville

425 Broadhollow Rd., Melville NY 11747 Tel 516-829-4700
Fax: 516-829-4734

Weiss, Ronald

Melville attorneys represent individuals and businesses in financial legal cases: bankruptcy law, creditor negotiations, foreclosure defense, litigation defense
734 Walt Whitman Rd. Rt. 110 so of Rt 25, Melville NY 11747 Tel 631-271-3737
Fax: 631-271-3784; E-mail: weiss@ny-bankruptcy.com
Website: ny-bankruptcy.com

Commercial Real Estate (10 listings total)

Arweiler, John Attorney

Commercial and residential real estate, trusts and estates, taxation, and business law
E-mail: jarweil@optonline.net; Website: arweilerlawfirm.com

Arweiler, John Attorney

Huntington NY Commercial and residential real estate, trusts and estates, taxation, and business law
79 Green St., Huntington Village NY 11743 Tel 631-673-3629
Fax: 631-385-1513; Website: arweilerlawfirm.com

Borovina & Marullo

Performs a wide range of legal services for international and domestic clients in areas of real estate, finance and commercial transactions
445 Broadhollow Rd., Melville NY 11747 Tel 631-630-1101
Website: bormarlaw.com

Breslin, John

Huntington NY attorney with practice of real estate law including contracts closings, landlord tenant agreements, property leases and more legal services
44 Elm St., Huntington Village NY 11743 Tel 631-271-7288

Crabtree, Andrew

This law firm handles legal matters in following practice areas: commercial and real estate litigation, landlord and tenant litigation, commercial transactions, and more aspects
225 Broadhollow Rd., Melville NY 11747 Fax 631-753-0950
Tel: 631-753-0200; Website: crabtreeesq.com

Gathman & Bennett

Specializing in real estate, estate planning, personal injury, general litigation & banking; located in Huntington Law Center
191 New York Ave. (110 no./25A), Huntington Village NY 11743 Tel 631-423-7777
Fax: 631-423-7784; E-mail: gathben@huntingtonlawcenter.com
Website: huntingtonlawcenter.com

Harras Bloom & Archer

Provides legal representation in complex zoning, land use and environmental issues, commercial, industrial and residential real estate on Long Island and beyond.
445 Broadhollow Rd., Melville NY 11747 Tel 631-393-6220
Fax: 631-393-6229; Website: hba-law.com

Sappe, David

Law practice specializing in real estate law & conveyancing.
7 East Carver St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-427-2900
Fax: 631-271-4558; E-mail: sappe@optonline.net

Wagner, Harry

Law firm concentrating in commercial real estate, transactional real estate, mortgage forclosure litigations on Long Island and NYC area
445 Broad Hollow Rd., Melville NY 11747 Tel 631-427-7774
Fax: 631-777-7732; E-mail: hwagner@hwagner.com
Website: hwagner.com

Weber Law Group

Full-service commercial real estate law firm in Melville NY with particular emphasis on zoning and land use, real estate transactions and financing, leasing, commercial and real estate litigation and appeals
290 Broadhollow Rd., Melville NY 11747 Tel 631-549-2000
Fax: 631-549-2015; E-mail: info@weberlawgroup.com
Website: weberlawgroup.com