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Vintage Clothing in Huntington, NY

Updated Oct 05 2014 05:01 PM EST with 3 listings
Vintage clothing usually original clothing, accessores and fashions from a specific era (usually pre- 1960) or tiimeless classic fashions (dresses, gowns).
Vintage Clothing in Huntington, NY

Holiday House Thrift Shop

All proceeds go directly to the Holiday House Camp for "girls in need".
74 Huntington Rd., Huntington Village NY 11743 Tel 631-427-2944

J.D. Hunter Antiques

404 Fort Salonga Rd., Northport NY 11768 Tel 631-651-8454
Fax: 631-754-3962; E-mail: jdhunternpt@aol.com

Turnpike Marine

Army-Navy surplus store. You never know what you will find in all the nooks and crannies of this one of a kind army, navy, marine, boating store.
391 West Jericho Tpk., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-351-8838