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Government, State

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Government, State

New York State Assembly (1 listings total)

New York State Assembly

Assembly Chamber
1783 New York Avenue, Huntington Station NY 11746 Tel 631-271-8025
Website: assembly.state.ny.us

New York State Assembly Members (2 listings total)

Conte, James D. - Assembly Member 10th District

10th District Info
1783 New York Ave. (110 so./25A), Huntington Station NY 11746 Tel 631-271-8025
Fax: 631-424-5984; E-mail: contej@assembly.state.ny.us
Website: assembly.state.ny.us

NY State - Assembly Members, Raia Andrew

9th District Info..
75 Woodbine Ave., Northport Village NY 11768 Tel 631-261-4151
Fax: 631-261-2992; E-mail: raia@assemblyman.state.ny.us
Website: assembly.state.ny.us

Departments (1 listings total)

Huntington Housing Authority

Default/Foreclosure Counseling & Rental Counseling.
1 Lowndes Ave., Huntington Station NY 11746 Tel 631-427-6220
Fax: 631-427-6288; E-mail: hha@huntingtonha.org
Website: huntingtonha.org